Kimberly TeichSoftware Engineer / App Creator 

Microsoft Full-Stack Software Engineer exploring iOS Architecture and Swift App Development

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  • Location : Boulder, CO


Experienced Software Engineer with over 15 years architecting and writing software in the Microsoft .NET/SQL stack. Strong experience with programming to interfaces, mocking tests, Service-Repository & MVC design patterns. Versatile programmer eager to expand my expertise into other languages.

Currently broadening my skill set to include Swift and iOS development. Focusing on architecture, SOLID principles, protocol-oriented programming and test-driven modular development.



Founding Engineer – ArchwayLab LLC

Created company to publish iOS Apps to the App Store. Currently working with SwiftUI to create an iOS and watchOS app Minder— a companion app to meditation. Note and track thoughts, when the mind wanders; view trends guiding you to a more focused practice.

Focusing on modular architecture, POP and TDD.

Coming January 2022


Lead Software Engineer .NET/C# – SS&C Technologies

MS full-stack engineer, created applications that were used to automate processes and support both internal business units and external clients. From MVC/.NET web applications to console applications— they were written using the Repository-Service pattern, programmed to interfaces and supported with dependency injection. These applications were written in C#, implemented unit & integration tests with automated builds through Jenkins. Git/GitLab was used as our source repository and our code review tool. APIs were written and utilized for projects accessing data across applications.

As Team Lead, I lead the prioritizing and completion of technical debt to ensure code base remained maintainable and easily extendable. Championed coding standards and templates to provide consistency across the team, this consistency aided in efficient code reviews and the ability to maintain and debug code. Lead retro meetings and supervised daily-checkins with the team.

Advised and supported management with technical direction and with mentoring and training of junior staff.

Side projects included working with Docker, RabbitMQ and Postgres.


Programmer – Various

I have had a number of .NET programming positions over the years from 2000-2009. These experiences have all contributed to my growth and to where I am now, you can visit my professional profile on LinkedIn if you are interested in the details.



Essential Developer Academy – Student

iOS Lead Essentials Program focused on iOS architecture, TDD and modular development.


Virginia Tech – Management Information Systems

Bachelor's Degree with a concentration in computer science and mathematics.


Galvanize Denver – Python & Data Science Fundamentals

Evening course learning the basics of Python and Data Science.